Dear friends, family, former co-workers and clients,

After many months of deep thought and personal evaluation, both alone and with my wife, I have decided to run as a compassionate, conservative Independent, for Virginia’s 8th District in the United States House of Representatives (aka Congress).  Please take a few moments to watch this video announcement:

On this journey I have already been lucky to receive great tokens of advice.  One token that I am keeping close to my heart, is the fact that politics is not a game.

How our leaders run the country is a serious consideration, paid for by the lives of early pilgrims, the blood of civil war and the unending struggle for liberty.  By running for office, I join a generation that must take its turn, etching its initials into the wall of freedom.  We are the ones in “We the people..” so we must take personal responsibility, for a congressional approval rating that dips into the single digits.  Each of us must ask ourselves, before our children do, “What am I doing to maintain the greatness of this republic?”

I am running as a compassionate, conservative Independent, to lower the volume of extreme voices and cool the hot air of rhetoric.  I believe in outcomes rather than dogma; the mature leadership of compromise, rather than the petulant partisanship of persistent dissent.  “We the people,” are better than we have been.


I’m glad you asked!  Politics is not a game and money doesn’t vote;  that said, there is political science and art to informing constituents of their choice within an election cycle.  I will need your help.  Running a campaign,  I have come to learn, is similar to working on the volunteer boards many of us are a part of: committees must be designed and committee positions filled; funds must be raised and spent judiciously; media must be earned as well as paid for; and relationships must be made with promises kept.

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We can win this election.  The emboldened defiance of David, toppled Goliath.  The amateur armed forces of 13 British colonies once defeated an empire.  The innovation of one man turned an apple, into a computer.

Our generation is ready for leadership.  We have lived the experience of growing immigration, been a witness to terrorism, learned to love through divorce and have maturely mourned death.  We are old enough to remember life before the Internet, yet young enough to leverage its power in a global economy.   We are the ones.

Join me in taking our timely leadership role in the fight for liberty.

This is our time.  It is our turn.

PS.  I will need your help.  Our country needs us all.  Please write:

Jason J. Howell



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