“Innovation hasn’t ceased, but it has taken new forms and it has come in areas we did not predict very well. Yet we made our old plans and maintained our old institutions on the understanding that the new innovation would be a lot like the old, except that it isn’t.”

~ Tyler Cowen, Economist, Academic, Author of The Great Stagnation


As your Congressman, I will work to:

  1. Simplify the tax code by focusing on effective vs. marginal tax rates
  2. Revise the Dodd-Frank Act so the housing industry recovers more quickly and small banks stay small
  3. Work with the Government Accountability Office to reduce agency duplication
  4. Build on the progress of the American Invents Act to speed the approval of patents
  5. Support bipartisan legislation similar to The Startup Act which supports new business
  6. Starve doubt.  Feed confidence.

Much of what we need to do for our economy, we’ve been taught by our parents.  “Starve doubt” is a quote from my Dad.  The people who are currently in Congress have given this country their best shot.  It falls to us now to:

  • Reduce our budget deficits through compromise on taxing and spending
  • Grow our economy through innovation in business, government and non-profit sectors

We have the #1 economy in the world.  The United States of America is NOT broke.   Our country is still the hope of the world.  This is our moment.

During the “Great Recession” years I dealt directly with people who were personally affected.  As a commission-only accounting and finance recruiter, a good deal of my time was spent counseling new candidates about their future opportunities.  We discussed their “personal economy” which included their careers, their dreams and their value to the workplace.   Over the past couple years I worked to build my own business.  When our U.S. debt got downgraded, I realized that someone rational and reasonable needed to get involved.

Our 21st century problems require 21st century problem solvers.  New congressional leaders can not be a part of Senator Coburn’s Waste Book.  Congressional leaders should not be a part of what’s wrong in Peter Schweizer’s book, Throw Them All Out.

2012 is a political year and it is also an Olympic year where the best of the world raises the bar for excellence.  It is time for a new generation of lawmakers.  It is time to pass the torch.  In a complex world ever in need of leadership, our economy MATTERS.