“There is considerable agreement that a substantial share of current spending on health care contributes little if anything to people’s health.”

~ Douglas Elmendorf, Director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)


The above is both comforting and sad depending on your perspective.  You can read the full document here.

As Congressman I will work to ensure the following issues are tackled:

  1. Moving our focus from “sick-care” to (preventive) healthcare
  2. Helping doctors practice medicine, not lawsuits (by reducing litigation)
  3. Making health insurance and healthcare non-discriminatory
  4. Facilitate medical records convergence, storage and mobility
  5. Reduce fraud.  Reduce fraud.  Reduce fraud.

The “noise” regarding healthcare in this country has been deafening.   Who’s right and who’s wrong?   Which part of the 974 page Affordable Care Act (amended) is “good” and what part of it is “bad?”

When I was younger, I never understood why people would say, “I hate hospitals.”  After watching two of my closest family members breathe their last breaths in one, I understood.  Those hospital experiences were not positive but whose are?  Healthcare is generally unpleasant; especially the more institutions have to get involved.  As a leader in government I will work to relieve unnecessary government interference between families and care takers.

Admittedly, the PPACA (healthcare law) enacted in 2010 does not make healthcare cheaper.  If the law is replaced or further amended the new rules should work to reduce costs for everyone without raising taxes.  The 5 steps above are a good start.

Healthcare cost reduction MATTERS.