Meet Jason Howell



The love, liberty and leadership of the United States of America is too important to let persistent, partisan politics ruin everything we’ve created.

Our generation has a responsibility to do something about the biggest problems we face as a country: the slowing economy and the partisanship.   As a former accountant, banker and recruiter I am comfortable getting into the weeds of issues around tax, regulation and economic policy.  As an Independent, I have the humility to engage members of both parties as colleagues working towards a common goal:  the continued success of the United States of America.

Each generation has a role to play in writing the history of the United States.  You can carve your initials into the wall of history by replacing a 21 year incumbent with a 21st century Independent.

If you were born in the 1960’s, 1970’s or 1980’s, I believe this is our time. It is our turn.

With the blessing of my lovely wife Jennifer, I am running for Virginia’s 8th congressional district seat to write laws that focus on what matters for our country.  Join us!


Below is a synopsis of my story.

My Caribbean parents immigrated to Los Angeles, California by way of Canada in 1969. This was the year President Richard M. Nixon was inaugurated as our 37th President. I was born five years later, just hours before Nixon resigned. My parents separated early in my life but by the time I was 6 years old, my father remarried and we moved to his native country, Trinidad and Tobago. After nearly 6 years of living on a small island, we returned to the United States.

EARLY LIFE (Education, Life Lessons)

2012 will mark my 25 year anniversary as a Virginia resident. My years here started out like that of many new immigrants. I was a brand new 8th grader in Fairfax County by way of a small, unheard of country. I learned to cuff my pants, try out for the basketball team and just “fit in.” When I was old enough (14yrs and 8 months), I qualified for a work permit. This allowed me to earn my first corporate paychecks with Toys R Us. I split these checks with my parents. I learned early that limiting “discretionary income” matters.

I never made the basketball team at W.T. Woodson High but as a result of the low interest rates of the 1991 recession, my family was able to purchase a house in Manassas, VA. I completed my high school career at Osbourn High but not before being cut once again from the basketball team. I learned early that dealing with adversity matters.

Like my older sister, I became a full-time bank teller to pay for community college (Northern Virginia Community College). After earning my Associates Degree in Business, I transferred to George Mason University. I had earned an acceptance into the College of William & Mary, the 2nd oldest university in the country, but duty to family kept me closer to home. I recognized early that family matters.

CAREER (Accountant, Recruiter, Entrepreneur)

By May of 1997 I had earned an accounting degree. I have spent nearly half of my career in accounting rising up to Controller for the concert venue, Nissan Pavilion (now “Jiffy Lube Live”). During my years in accounting I started a small business working with local musicians; assisting them with tax preparation, bookkeeping and management. In 2006 I began my recruiting career and by late 2008 I began writing “AMERICA: Still the Land of Opportunity, Always a Home for the Brave.” I have learned that small business matters.

The financial crisis began for my family in 2006. My father had divorced for the second time in 1999 and my older sister Susan and I chose to keep him living with us. In November of 2006 my sister passed away leaving just my father and me to manage a household built for 3. By June of 2009 my father had also passed away. I had lived with my father my entire life and this milestone was followed by a serious time of reflection.   Experiencing the beauty of life and the finality of death matters.

Jason Howell in Washington, DC 11/03/11

ENTREPRENEUR (Author, Speaker, Catalyst)

In August of 2009 I resigned my position as a recruiter. Recognizing how fleeting life was I decided to follow my passion in writing about things that matter to individuals and to the country. I finished “AMERICA: Still the Land…” and continued to conceptualize Patriotic Development®. Over the past few years my business has been sharing the positive message of Patriotic Development®: defining success as doing what matters for the sake of our country’s future generations. In June of 2010 I married my fiance and we have made our home in Arlington.

We are at a crossroads in American history.

For over 200 years our two-party system has worked rather well for us.  For the past few years, it has not.  Our United States Congress needs more citizenship and less partisanship.

I am running as an Independent for Congress to implement ideas rather than ideology.